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The Issues Of Measuring Intelligence - 1694 Words

The Issues of Measuring Intelligence in Black Children The Lincoln University Deva Bennett Abstract Race stereotyping has been in existence for a long time now. The idea of color and superiority has had a great precedence in some people for a long time now. Researchers have had to deal with the problem of proving equality. Psychological assessments done on people with color have been greatly polarized. There has been purported bias on the tests done to such individuals, as there is no particular standard measure of conducting these studies. In education, the assertion that black children have poor language skills because of poor childhood backgrounds as a result of the ghetto effect does not hold water. This is a notion most scientist have conflict with as it’s a false assertion based on biased facts. Stereotype influences research regarding the topic; have made most of the studies done seem inefficient. Key words: Race, education, braised, stereotypes, childhood, inefficient The Issues of Measuring Intelligence in Black Children: Introduction International Relations have been guided by Westphalia narrative. Hence, cock-and-bull story in Eurocentric text has seen non-European world abandoned. The Westphalia was able to overcome the challenge of cultural construction; however, they still overlooked non-European ideas basing it on Eurocentric model. International Relations theory legitimizes Anglo-American imperialism (Beaujean Show MoreRelatedEssay on Standardized Test636 Words   |  3 PagesStandardized Test Standardized test have been a means measuring student performance. Some important questions that always come up regarding standardized test are what are the tests really measuring? Are they measuring a person’s intelligence? Their ability to perform well on standardized tests? Or just some random quantity of the person’s IQ? When examining the issues around which these tests are given and the content of the tests themselves, it becomes apparent that however useful theRead MorePolice Department And The Department s Records Management System909 Words   |  4 Pagescollect, examine, and compare a significant amount of information in order to understand crime issues that affect our community. The department must consistently evaluate and measure the success of our intelligence-led policing capabilities and strategies. Currently the department relies heavily on analyzing the monthly statistics that are submitted to the Uniform Crime Report (UCR), along with monthly intelligence meetings with local law enforcement agencies, and information gathering from our patrol divisionRead MoreIntellectual Power624 Words   |  3 Pagescan all be defined as intelligence. According to The Developing Child, intelligence is a set of abilities defined in various ways by different psychologists but generally agreed to include the ability to reason abstractly, the ability to profit from experience, and the ability to adapt to varying environmental contexts (Bee amp; Boyd, 2012, p.167). Basically, intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. The first modern intelligence measuring tests where created overRead More Get Smart: I.Q. and Emotional Intelligence Essay1693 Words   |  7 Pagesand Emotional Intelligence Intelligence is considered to be one of the most desirable personality qualities in todays society. Expectant parents are told to read and play music to the fetus, in order to stimulate its brain. Being bright is often thought of one the keys to success in life, and highly intelligent people such as Albert Einstein are celebrated. However, despite all the tests and criteria that measure intelligence, the question still remains: what is intelligence? How can it beRead MoreUntangling the Relationship Between Race and Intelligence1240 Words   |  5 PagesA psychosocial phenomenon known as ‘race’ has the power to bind a group of people together and determine how they are expected to behave (Kendig, 2011). Our behaviour is determined by another phenomenon known as ‘intelligence’ (Colom, Karama, Jung, Haier, 2010). Since these are both such fundamental aspects of how our society functions, it is crucial for psychologists to understand how these factors interact . However, despite many circulating theories, psychologists have yet to agree upon the extentRead MoreBusiness Intelligence Balanced Scorecard, Product By Medstreaming Inc. Abstract Essay1398 Words   |  6 Pages‘Business Intelligence Balanced Scorecard’ product by Medstreaming Inc Abstract This paper highlights viability of having a new product offering by Medstreaming Company namely a Business Intelligence Balanced Scorecard specifically designed for the healthcare sector. Focus of the study is on identifying the appropriate measurement metrics for the balanced scorecard. The project has added knowledge to the critical issues which need to be addressed by the healthcare organizations in implementing theRead MoreQuestions On A Psychological Test949 Words   |  4 Pagesquestions below are worth 3 points each. 1. During World War II the U. S. Office of Strategic Services ( OSS), a predecessor to today’s Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA), used a variety of procedures and measurement tools— psychological tests among them— in selecting military personnel for highly specialized positions involving espionage, intelligence gathering, and the like. Why aren’t these methods used today? 2. What is a psychological test? A psychological test is a test used to help determineRead MoreGardners Theory of Intelligence668 Words   |  3 PagesGardners Theory of intelligence Hitherto, there was a general belief that there was only one type of intelligence that was measured through the IQ level. It was also deeply believed that intelligence was inherited and the cognitive scientists believed that the human mind-initially a tabula rasa (empty) could be trained to learn almost anything provided the content was presented in the right manner and conditions (Mark K. Smith, 2008). This is a belief that has been proven to be lacking inRead MoreThe Domains Of Professional Study At Henley Putnam University824 Words   |  4 PagesQuantitative research is associated with the hard sciences such as chemistry, engineering, and mathematics such as measuring items quantitatively can consist of observing the distance between planets as they revolve around the sun or recording the pressure within a closed container as heat is introduced to a particular liquid. In other words, quantitative methods allow for measuring one thing to compare against another known or unknown quantity to generate conclusions, sometime confirming hypothesesRead MoreThe Impact Of Standardized Testing On The Achievement Of Individuals1268 Words   |  6 Pageslegacy, in life. However, I believe education is one of the factors that contribute the achievement of individuals. There are flaws or inequalities in the United States’ education system, and one of these is the use of standardized test which is the issue that comes in between the individual and their successes. In order to increase the chance of success for an individual, standardized testing should be revoked from education because it does not measure the creativity and knowledge of students which

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Drugs, Law And Race - 2079 Words

Drugs, Law and Race in American â€Å"We have defeated Jim Crow, but now we have to deal with his son, James Crow Jr., esquire.† (Whitaker) Those words by the reverend Al Sharpton summarize the feelings of many people about the modern face of racism in America. Unlike the Jim Crow laws of the 1890’s which created culture of overt discrimination enforced through fear. Modern day racism does not use blunt force, the fear of the lynch mob, or even outright separate but equal laws. It is more covert and sophisticated using the current laws and justice system to entrap many African Americans in the prison system. A 2008 report by the civil rights organization Human Rights Watch documented major racial disparities in the†¦show more content†¦He used a political rhetorical technique known as the Southern Strategy. By using racially coded rhetoric on issues of crime, he was able to tap into poor and working-class whites’, particularly in the South, deeply held beliefs about African Americans and their links to drug use and other criminal behavior. According to mass communications scholar William Elwood, Such rhetoric allows presidents to appear as strong leaders who are tough on crime and concerned about domestic issues and is strategically ambiguous to portray urban minorities as responsible for problems related to the drug war and for resolving such problems. (Nunn, 391) On June 19, 1986, University of Maryland basketball star and number two pick in the NBA draft by the reigning champions at the time the Boston Celtics, Len Bias died of a cocaine overdose. Bias’s death shocked the nation and started a media frenzy centered mistakenly on crack cocaine instead of powered cocaine which was the drug responsible for Bias’s death. He became the poster child for Nancy Reagan’s â€Å"Just Say No† anti-drug campaign. Congress responding to an outpouring of grief and fear over the young man death quickly passed the he Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986. On October 27, 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986, which appropriated $1.7

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Hydraulic Turbines Free Essays

M.V. Sai Ram AP17110020010 Branch: ECE Here some of the problems I faced in the research of the hydraulic turbines. We will write a custom essay sample on Hydraulic Turbines or any similar topic only for you Order Now Effect of blade numbers on slip factor of hydraulic turbine: The change curve of slip factor is shown when the blade numbers change at the design condition . With the increase in blade numbers, the slip factor within centripetal impeller is gradually increased, and the rate of increase is gradually decreased. Therefore, with the increase in blade numbers, the slip value within centripetal impeller is gradually decreased. The main reason is that function of restriction of blade gradually strengthens for fluid with the increase in blade numbers; it leads to the slip value within centripetal impeller being gradually decreased.Effect of entrance width of centripetal impeller on slip factor of hydraulic turbine. The hydraulic efficiency of a turbine excludes friction losses on the outside of the runner, leakage loss of water that does not pass through the runner blades and mechanical friction losses. The hydraulic efficiency of a well-designed turbine is 98-99%.Can interaction occur between the electric power system and the hydraulic system for this frequency range.Velocity and pressure are highly sensitive to the operation conditions. It has been found that the stresses in the trailing edge of the runner blade near the crown reach a critical state in all operating points.Abstract:A set of empirical has been developed which defines the peak efficiency and shape of the efficiency curve for hydraulic turbines as a function commissioning date for the unit ,rated flow, runner speed, and throat or impulse turbine jet diameter.The aim of this investigation was to develop an environmentally friendly nano-hydraulic turbine utilizing waterfalls. A model of an impulse type hydraulic turbine constructed and tested with an indoor type waterfall to arrive at an optimum installation condition. Effects of an installation parameter, namely distance between the rotor and the waterfall on the power performance were studied. The flow field around the rotor was examined visually to clarify influences of installation conditions on the flow field. The flow visualization showed differences of flow pattern around the rotor by the change of flow rate and rotational speed of the rotor.Every single turbine is custom-designed specifically to meet the requirements of a hydroelectric power plant. Performance of a designed turbine is validated, to some extent, by computational fluid dynamics simulations. Field performance testing of hydraulic turbines is undertaken to define the head-power-discharge relationship that identifies the peak operating point of the turbine. This relationship is essential for the efficient operation of a hydraulic turbine.The art of hydraulic turbine design never stands still but always progresses. In recent years major emphasis has been on the materials of construction and on such features of design as will reduce maintenance work and costly outages in the field. Limitations Hydro power plant or we can say that hydraulic turbines are widely used from the last decades. It is an efficient renewable energy source. There are many up and downs. Hence there Some limitations as shown in below, It is a renewable energy source. Water energy can be used again and again. the running cost of turbine or less compare to other. It has high efficiency. It does not pollute environment. It is to maintain. Importance: Here the importance of hydraulic turbine and their uses Turbines are used for hydropower generation. There are basically two types of hydraulic turbines, the first one is impulse and the second one is reaction type turbines. Impulse turbinesThe use of hydraulic turbines for the generation of power has a very strong historical tradition. The first truly effective inward flow reaction turbine was developed and tested by Francis. Modern Francis turbines have developed into very different forms from the original, but they all retain the concept of radial inward flow(Aradag,2018)Hydraulic turbines are not only used to convert hydraulic energy into electricity but also in pumped storage schemes, which is the most efficient large-scale technology available for the storage of electrical energy. Separate pumps and turbines or reversible machines, so called pump turbines, are used in such schemes.(Gordon,2010)The efficient application of advanced CFD is of great practical importance, as the design of hydraulic turbines is customtailored for each project. a CFD-based design method is used to obtain the runner blade shape and characteristics. The hydraulic turbine used to convert the potential energy of water to mechanical energy. Flowing water is directed on to the blades of a turbine runner, creating a force on the blades. Since the runner is spinning, the force acts through a distance (force acting through a distance is the definition of work). In this way, energy is transferred from the flowing water to the turbine.(Guangtai,2015) In Francis turbines, water enters the turbine runner in the radial direction and leaves axially. The main parts of a Francis turbine are spiral case, stationary vanes, guide vanes, runner, and draft tube, as shown in Figure 1. The flowrate and accordingly the produced power are adjusted by the guide vanes. The spiral case regulates the velocity profile entering the turbine, whereas the stationary vanes provide the mechanical strength.3 The most critical part of the turbine, runner, converts the water energy to mechanical energy and rotates the generator(Aradag,2018)A new design of main bearing and carbon seal ring for vertical-shaft Francis turbines provides a bearing immersed in an oil bath covering about one-third of its vertical length. Properly slanted and shaped oil grooves provide for self lubrication, thereby eliminating the troubles usually associated with mechanical lubrication. (Rheingans,1948)Research:The research I have done based on the hydraulic turbines and power plant design. The goals in the development of an optimal water turbine with high efficiency. Can interaction occur between the electric power system and the hydraulic system for this frequency range. Hydraulic turbines of hydroelectric power plants are designed and manufactured according to the head and discharge parameters of a specific plant. Each hydroelectric power plant is different and requires a custom-designed turbine for better performance.Francis-type hydraulic turbines : In Francis turbines, water enters the turbine runner in the radial direction and leaves axially. The main parts of a Francis turbine are spiral case, stationary vanes, guide vanes, runner, and draft tube. The flowrate and accordingly the produced power are adjusted by the guide vanes. The spiral case regulates the velocity profile entering the turbine, whereas the stationary vanes provide the mechanical strength.The most critical part of the turbine, runner, converts the water energy to mechanical energy and rotates the generator. The principal feature of a reaction turbine that distinguishes it from an impulse turbine is that only a part of the total head available at the inlet to the turbine is converted to velocity head, before the runner is reached. Also in the reaction turbines the working fluid, instead of engaging only one or two blades, completely fills the passages in the runner. The pressure or static head of the fluid changes gradually as it passes through the runner along with the change in its kinetic energy based on absolute velocity due to the impulse action between the fluid and the runner. Description Reference List: Brekke,H.(January 08,2010).Performance and Safety of Hydraulic Turbines,12(1),1-11,Beijing, China. Retrieved: 9 March 2018,J.L.(December 18,2001). Hydraulic Turbine Efficiency,28(2),238-253,CanadianJournal of Civil Engineering. Retrieved: 10 March 2018,S.Xiaobing,L.Junhu,Y.Senchun,M.Jicheng,Li.(Juli,2015). heoretical research ofhydraulic turbine performance based on slip factor within centripetal impeller,7(7),1-9.Retrieved: 11 March 2018,T.Tatsuno,k(January 03,2010). Performance of Nano-hydraulic turbine utilizingwaterfalls,35(1),168.Retrieved : 10 March 2018,B.Celebioglu,K.Aradag,S.Tascioglu,Y.(June 29,2018), 50(3),70-73Model Testing of Francis-Type Hydraulic Turbines. Tobb University of Economics andTechnology, Ankara, Turkey. Retrieved: 7 March 2018,J.Doering,j(March 26,2005). An improved model for predicting the efficiency ofhydraulic propeller turbines,32(5),789-795, Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering. Retrieved:9 March 2018, F.O. (July 01,1965). Hydraulic Turbine Setting Criteria,87(3),295-298.Technical Engineering Branch Analysis Branch. Retrieved: 5 March 2018 How to cite Hydraulic Turbines, Papers

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Work Life Balance free essay sample

Managing work life balance Introduction This essay is going to examine managing work life balance and how organizations are going to manage it in contemporary human resource management with relevant organizational examples. Moreover, we will look at the current issues and the problems of work life balance. Work life balance (WLB) is a term which refers to the concept that employees split their time between work and the other aspects of personal lives. It used to maintain a balance between work and leisure activity such as family life. It measured the amount of time on the work compare with the time on spending with family or other leisure activities. It is difficult to measure the efficiency and the balance between work and life. Based on the assumptions of diversity management which aim to provide a positive workplace environment and accept the individual differences from different background, gender, race etc in order to maintain equality in the workplace. We will write a custom essay sample on Work Life Balance or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Therefore, it is important that organizations introduce flexible working arrangement in terms of providing positive working environment to employees (Caleb Rosado, PH. D, 2006). Theoretical Review Due to the recent change of WLB, people shifted the focus on the balance on work and family roles as well as the outside work. Work life balance is important to employees because it represents peoples psychological well being and satisfaction between work and life (J. Rantanen U. Kinnunen, 2011). WLB can be traced back to previous studies of women having multiple roles throughout their lives as women are representing as mothers, wives and paid worker where they might experience overload work and cause them stressful which suggest it needs appropriate working arrangements in order to increase their job satisfaction (Barnett and Marshall,1993). The integrated concept of WLB is aiming to manage employees effectively while they are suffering from multiple roles conflict in lives and work and attempt to minimized job dissatisfaction and stress levels. However, as most of the organizations are seeking to provide a positive workplace to the employees, they provide several policies for the employees in order to increase the flexibility such as telecommuting opportunities for workers who want to spent more time at home to look after young children or offer flexible work schedules, also, some organizations provide an on-site fitness programs, therefore, it increases employees motivation because they are working in a positive workplace environment (  Heidi Cardenas) . In general, it suggested that UK has a flexible workforce labor with family life to maintain the balance between work and life. This lead to a higher employment and growth in the contemporary diversity management (Nick Bloom, Tobias Kretschmer, 2009). Current issue According to the current work life balance issues in diversity management, it suggested it become an very popular issue to debate over the world and more people and management are paying attention to it, where it increases the conscious of people aware of this problem. Managing WLB has been increased in the last 2 decades (De Bruin Dupuis, 2004), which is a recent change from previous management style. In addition, a lot of private enterprises also aware the problem of work life balance as their human resource management. This has become an major issue in todays management since nowadays employers tend to use fewer employees to cope with difficulties and problems as they want to reduce the costs, therefore the jobs are more complicated and it increased their workforce so it becomes more difficult for employees to maintain a balance within work and life, such as home management, child care etc (Douglas T. Hall) as well as the levels of pressure and working time. Secondly, the demographic changes rapidly so it affects the labor such as gender, age, religion, workplaces etc (Dr Mark Wickham, Miss Melissa Parker Simon Fishwick). Due to the increasing number of working mothers, it usually applied to women that they need to maintain a balance between working hours and career break arrangements such as maternity leave. It stated that there is an enormous increase of working mothers in contemporary world, which suggested that 66. % of mothers are working compare with only 23% of mothers are working full time in 1996 (Guardian), so organizations are required to offer suitable flexible working arrangements for mothers. Therefore, it increases the awareness that organizations has to introduce flexible working arrangement to due with this issue in terms of being ethical and equality. In some circumstances, it suggested that rather than following by a tradition that women should look after child ren, it offers paternity leave for fathers as well in order to encourage fathers to active their role in the family (Gill Kirton Anne-marie Greene, 2005). According to the diversity management, it might be seen as inequality of men and women employees as women tend to have longer career break arrangement due to the maternity leave, employers might recruit new employees to replace them and this might damage for women future career prospects (Gill Kirton Anne-marie Greene, 2005). But on the other hand, according to the current issues, it argued that the gender equality of work life balance has changed in the 20 century. It suggested that there are significant increase of men are contributing to childcare rather than following by the tradition that women should stay at home and look after the children (Maron, 2009). By looking at the current issue, it can be seen that it is difficult to manage work and family life as employees (men and women) need to take a parental role of looking after children as well. Therefore, the government set some regulations to protect them. For instance, they promoted the Family and Medical Leave Act in 1993. The Family and Medical Leave Act 1993 has created an huge impact towards the organizations. The organization has to provide at least 12 weeks leave in a year for their birth, individuals or family illness. This act enable employees to look after the sick children or elderly etc (Judith  M. Nixon). Case Study There are few case studies with real organizational examples which suggested the management of work life balance in the contemporary organizations. Also, t covers different aspects of the practice in work life balance and stated the current diversify management style in different countries. One of the case study is Motorola which is a company founded in 1928 U. S. It delivers network communications and internet to individuals, companies and homes. Motorola operates in a global environment where their competitive advantage is to operate 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Due to this competitive advantage, Motorola has to offer flexible working time to employees. It becomes a very important issue to Motorola for employees having an equal time split and balancing between work and life time as diversity management aims to support employees with equal opportunity and forecasting a happy working environment. It suggested that there is change in Motorola from the past where full time workers work seven 12-hour shift in two week period and 2 full time workers share the job together and split their working hours equally. One of the employee called Mary McDonald who is a single parent with two children applied the job and she claimed that job sharing and working hours are very flexible, therefore this works very well with her family life while she is looking after two children. Motorola provides her a flexible working arrangements and work-life balance, therefore it increases her motivation and satisfaction at work by providing positive workplace environment according to the aim of diversity management (Gill Maxwell, 2008). In addition, Motorola stated that most of the job sharing workers are women where most of them are unable to work as a full time workers according to their family life and commitments. However, Motorola offers an alternative opportunities for women who wants to maintain a balance between work and family life. This arrangement has created an advantage for women especially when women return work after their maternity leave which is easier for them to catch up their work and they have enough time to look after children which reduce the levels of stress at their work. Motorolas flexible working arrangements has introduced new work life balance initiatives in contemporary organizations. Another case study is about IKEA which is a well-know home furnishing retailer which sells home furniture with a low prices. It is a global company with more than 150 stores distributed all over the world. The human resources policies relies at the heart of the IKEAs strategy as they believe the success of an organizations depends on the commitment of the employees, therefore IKEA emphasis heavily on the equality and working arrangements to the employees (Gill Maxwell, 2008). According to the IKEAs management style, it focuses heavily on the family life, leisure activities and healthy environment. This recognizes the importance of work life balance. For instance, IKEA offers a coffee breaks to workers for interaction in a positive environment. More importantly, IKEA provides flexible career break arrangements such as marriage leave, parental leave, childcare leave or moving house leave etc. This enable workers to deal with their own or family problems. Furthermore, IKEA introduced health promotion to employees which allow employees to have a healthy working time. IKEA offers foot care and massage for them during their working time. It provides physical health care to employees as the managers of IKEA thought workers are very tired of often working with their foot. This is a totally new work life balance initiatives in organizations where they offer flexible hours of work and arrangements but also physical health care. Therefore, employees are motivated and pleasant for working in the positive working environment. As I mentioned above, organizations offer fitness and health programs to workers while they are stressed at work. This has created a positive impact on workers and the organization and reinforced the importance of work life balance programs as more people aware with this issue. It is important to note that diversity managers are required to provide a range of work life balance programs to employees in order to foster a pleasant working environment (wisegeek). After discussing the real organizational examples, it shows that WLB creates a positive impact on organizations and performance as well as becoming more effective of managing employees flexibility (Nick Bloom, Tobias Kretschmer, 2009). This has enlightened and developed the practice of diversity management where it can be seen that organizations are continuing developing the issue of work life balance in terms of being ethical and equality. Organizations are getting more familiar with the practice of work life balance but there are still some problems should be highlighted in the current diversity management. Problems Many organizations perceived work life balance could be seen as a competitive advantage as providing flexible working arrangement can enhance individuals performance which affects the whole company because employees are motivated and feel being valued in the organization such as IKEA offer foot massage for employees and it can be seen as an competitive advantage. But, it could be argued that what is meant by good practices of work life balance in organizations as it is difficult to measure the effectiveness of the appropriate work life balance to employees. On the other hand, gender has been considered a major issue of work life balance, many people still believe on the assumptions of women are the identity as housewives and women careers would directly affect the commitments and performance at work. This is the major issue that organizations need to take into account in developing diversity management. Organizations could provide more working opportunities to women and prove that even though they stop working during their pregnancy it doesnt affect much to the organizations as nowadays women are working harder compare to the past. For instance, Motorola offers job sharing which benefits and support women even they are pregnant. In addition, providing flexible work arrangement or job sharing could easily lead to conflicts because people could easily mixed up their schedules and responsibilities with the others. This might create a conflict and inconvenience to organizations. Therefore, organizations should take into account that they should provide a clear working arrangement between workers. Recommendations After highlighted the problems of work life balance and based on the organizational examples I have suggested, I recommend that manager should be more diversified in order to deal with different problems because managing flexibility may cause a lot of conflicts or misunderstanding, therefore, managers should allocated a clear working schedules or responsibilities to employees so workers understand what they are doing and it will increase the working efficiency. Providing a good communication to employees may ensure the job sharing responsibilities and break schemes. In the case of Motorola, offering a split time worker between workers, the managers should set out a clear schedule for the workers in terms of splitting time and responsibilities equally to avoid any conflicts. Also, managers should provide support to employees while employees are having maternity or sick leave etc, such as providing a paid sick leave because employees tend to fear of being discriminated or dismissal when they report their illness, therefore, a diversity manager should provide a paid sick leave to support them and ensure they wont be discriminated (Xenia Scheil-Adlung Lydia Sander, 2010). In addition, managers should provide more support to woman during their maternity leave such as telecommuting to ensure they can catch up their work easily when they back to work in terms of equity. Conclusions In conclusion, after discussing the assumptions and current issues of work life balance as well as the problems highlighted, it suggested that it is difficult to measure the effectiveness of work life balance. It all depends on the nature of the job due to the job difficulties and the levels of stress from the work itself. Also, it relies on the employees itself of managing a balance between work and family life and their own experiences where organizations have no control over. From an organizational view, to manage work life balance effectively at the workplace, they can promote a message to employees the importance of work and life and prevent any conflicts between work and non-wok interaction if they want to build up a good employees relations with the organization (J. Rantanen U. Kinnunen, 2011). Organizations are still seeking to develop the diversity management, therefore, it is important to provide a positive workplace environment for employees as well as the equality. However, living in a diversified culture, every organizations should assist employees to maintain a good balance of work and family life but it requires the co-operation between managers and employees in order to provide a positive workplace environment by making use of the existing policies.

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List of the Atlantic Oceans Ten Marginal Seas

List of the Atlantic Oceans Ten Marginal Seas The Atlantic Ocean is one of the worlds five oceans. It is the second-largest behind the Pacific Ocean with a total area of 41,100,000 square miles (106,400,000 sq km). It covers about 23% of the Earths surface and located mainly between the American continents and Europe and Africa. It also stretches north to south from Earths Arctic region to the Southern Ocean. The average depth of the Atlantic Ocean is 12,880 feet (3,926 m) but the deepest point in the ocean is the Puerto Rico Trench at -28,231 feet (-8,605 m).The Atlantic Ocean is also similar to other oceans in that it shares borders with both continents and marginal seas. The definition of a marginal sea is an area of water that is a partially enclosed sea adjacent to or widely open to the open ocean ( The Atlantic Ocean shares borders with ten marginal seas. The following is a list of those seas arranged by area. All figures were obtained from unless otherwise noted.1) Caribbean SeaArea: 1,063,000 square miles (2,753,157 sq km)2) Mediterranean SeaArea: 970,000 square miles (2,512,288 sq km)3) Hudson BayArea: 819,000 square miles (2,121,200 sq km)Note: Figure obtained from the Encyclopedia Britannica4) Norwegian SeaArea: 534,000 square miles (1,383,053 sq km)5) Greenland SeaArea: 465,300 square miles (1,205,121 sq km)6) Scotia SeaArea: 350,000 square miles (906,496 sq km)7) North SeaArea: 290,000 square miles (751,096 sq km)8) Baltic SeaArea: 146,000 square miles (378,138 sq km)9) Irish SeaArea: 40,000 square miles (103,599 sq km)Note: Figure obtained from the Encyclopedia Britannica10) English ChannelArea: 29,000 square miles (75,109 sq km) (15 August 2011). Atlantic Ocean - Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved from: (28 June 2011). Marginal Sea - Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved from:

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How to Work Mass Percent Problems in Chemistry

How to Work Mass Percent Problems in Chemistry Chemistry involves mixing one substance with another and observing the results. To replicate the results, its important to measure amounts carefully and record them. Mass percent is one form of measurement used in chemistry; understanding mass percent is important for accurately reporting in chemistry labs. What Is Mass Percent? Mass percent is a method of expressing the concentration of a substance in a mixture or element in a compound. It is calculated as the mass of the component divided by the total mass of the mixture and then multiplied by 100 to get the percent. The formula is: mass percent (mass of component / total mass) x 100% or mass percent (mass of solute / mass of solution) x 100% Usually, mass is expressed in grams, but any unit of measure is acceptable as long as you use the same units for both the component or solute mass and the total or solution mass. Mass percent is also known as percent by weight or w/w%.  This worked example problem shows the steps necessary to calculate mass percent composition. Mass Percent Problem In this procedure, we will work out the answer to the question What are the mass percentages of carbon and oxygen in carbon dioxide, CO2? Step 1: Find the mass of the individual atoms. Look up the atomic masses for carbon and oxygen from the Periodic Table. Its a good idea at this point to settle on the number of significant figures youll be using.  The atomic masses are found to be: C is 12.01 g/molO is 16.00 g/mol Step 2: Find the number of grams of each component make up one mole of  CO2. One mole of CO2 contains 1 mole of carbon atoms and 2 moles of oxygen atoms. 12.01 g (1 mol) of C32.00 g (2 mole x 16.00 gram per mole) of O The mass of one mole of CO2 is: 12.01 g 32.00 g 44.01 g Step 3: Find the mass percent of each atom. mass % (mass of component/mass of total) x 100 The mass percentages of the elements are: For Carbon: mass % C (mass of 1 mol of carbon/mass of 1 mol of CO2)  x 100mass % C (12.01 g / 44.01 g) x 100mass % C   27.29 % For Oxygen: mass % O (mass of 1 mol of oxygen/mass of 1 mol of CO2)  x 100mass % O (32.00 g / 44.01 g) x 100mass % O 72.71 % Solution mass % C 27.29 %mass % O 72.71 % When doing mass percent calculations, it is always a good idea to check to make sure your mass percents add up to 100%. This will help catch any math errors. 27.29 72.71 100.00 The answers add up to 100% which is what was expected. Tips for Success Calculating Mass Percent You wont always be given the total mass of a mixture or solution. Often, youll need to add up the masses. This might not be obvious! You may be given mole fractions or moles and then need to convert to a mass unit.Watch your significant figures!Always make sure the sum of the mass percentages of all components adds up to 100%. If it doesnt, then you need to go back and find your mistake.

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What are three reasons for segmentation Which segmentation approach is Essay

What are three reasons for segmentation Which segmentation approach is the best and why - Essay Example The most likely cause for geographical segmentation is that the product appeals to a certain geographical area. If a business is selling snow boots then they would market an area where there is heavy snow fall.The most likely cause for demographical segmentation is that the product appeals to the personal characteristics of the customers such as age, gender, race, income, life stage, occupation, and education level. A clothing company might produce clothing that appeals to teenagers.The most likely cause for Psychographic segmentation is the personality traits, attitudes, interests, or lifestyles of potential customer groups. A company might develop an environmentally friendly product aimed at the more environmentally focussed consumer.It is difficult to define the best segmentation approach since it is dependent on the client group and their specific needs. If the product appeals to a particular lifestyle need; a piece of exercise equipment for example, then lifestyle segmentation w ould be ideal. Deciding the best segmentation method can be difficult, but it depends on the particular benefit for that business objective.If the business objective is a new product development it is essential to understand how customers group together according to their particular needs. The outcome of this would influence the best segmentation approach. Mishkin, F. & Eakins, S. (2009)You are the deacon of a small non-denominational church. Your minister has just left, and your congregation is down by over 11% in the past year. You have just received news that an electronics firm plans to relocate 500 families to your town. You are tasked with making a plan for increasing church membership since you are a marketing manager. Describe your plan. As the deacon of a small non - denominational Church. I have been asked to write a marketing plan to increase Church membership. Following is the summary of the main points of this marketing plan. The Church will change its focus to differentiate itself from Churches in the area and improve membership by filling the need of the electronics firm employee's and families. Our marketing challenge is to position our Church to reach the new families and cater to their interests and needs. As a Church we would teach the word of God by offering electronic courses sharing the word of the Gospel and giving tracts to those attending. The Church serves its members as a trusted friend, providing for their needs and the needs of their families. We ensure our members have what they need to function spiritually and to increase their well being. It is the Churches duty to ensure the interests of the members are met and therefore surveys will be sent to each potential member to discover their interests, age, gender, ethnicity, and potential needs. Letters will be sent out to let people know that the Church is here should they need us. We also need to concentrate on developing a clear vision for the future of the Church. The objectives of the Church are to increase membership this is likely to result in increased Church profits. In these circumstances the Church would be able to carry out more outreach projects. The consequence of this is that we would have to develop a strategy for exploring the potential user needs of our new members. The most appropriate solution would be to create a new vision with detailed actions that need to be fulfilled. Essentially a clear, workable action plan needs to be formulated to give clear roles and responsibilities of participants involved with creating the Churches new vision. Therefore a list of expectations needs to be created to give the Leadership Team a way of measuring the success and progress of the project. If the Church is successful in gaining new members there